Carole Robertson Center for Learning Celebration & Fundraiser

Posted by Ron Springer | 4/21/14

Esprit April Newsletter_Carole Robertson

During the first week of April, Esprit Productions in conjunction with MPI’s Chicago Area Chapter produced this event at Room 1520 in Chicago. The CRCL Celebration is an annual event that recognizes the volunteer organizations that help support CRCL and helps to raise funds for this essential organization as they support the process of learning that begins at such an early age.

Simply put, the Carole Robertson Center for Learning provides a day-care opportunity for Chicago’s underprivileged south and west-side families who need a place for their children to go between 6 am and 6 pm. Without this center, over 700 children may not have a safe place to stay, a warm meal to eat or loving arms to hold them.

CRCL understands the need to nurture the very young to make them better students later in life.  Learning from a young age is crucial to fostering the development of productive members of society.

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