Group Learning & Shared Experience

Posted by Ron Springer | 1/26/15

Two key benefits of Face-to-Face Communications and effectively using Group Learning & Shared Experience is the easy spreading of influence and people who belong to groups get things done to affirm their bonds.

Doing things together creates a sense of mutual trust and shared influence begins.

As you look at ways to harness the power of live events and to get a larger ROI for your event think of creating these shared experiences when it can tie into your event’s theme.

As I looked back on some of Esprit’s events here are two of my favorites.


Chart the Course – Sailing Regatta – Dekalb Genetics – National Sales Meeting – To make this meeting theme come alive we conducted a sailing regatta where each attendee was part of a sailing crew on one of the 12 meter boats that we rented so they could be part of a full blown regatta on Newport Bay in Newport Rhode, Island. It made the meeting theme come alive and created close bonds as we turned the meeting attendees into part of a crew!

Caring is the Key in Life – Habitat for Humanity – Sun Health Care Group, Annual Management Meeting

The rise in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over the past decade has been very beneficial not only to the people or organizations who are the recipients of the work done or funds being raised on their behalf, but also to the employees who are part of these events.

Several years ago we planned and produced a management meeting for Sun Healthcare Group. We incorporated a Habitat for Humanity CSR function the day before the meeting began. Over 100 managers worked on building several homes in the Lower 9th ward where some of the worst destruction took place after Hurricane Katrina.

The day was a huge success, as the team saw the efforts of their work unfold. They also realized a bond between all of the participants that only face-to-face communications and group sharing can realize.

It also made the meeting theme of “Caring is the Key in Life” come alive!

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