The Stream Team

Video Studio 1

For more than 90 years, Nielsen has been collecting and reporting on media information, so reaching out into the new media landscape was a natural extension for the Nielsen Consumer 360 Conference. We set up a “Stream Team” to produce live and recorded video for the conference, and for a seamless presentation streaming onto the web. This was staffed with an assortment of broadcast-TV veterans, from the folks managing the video studio and running the equipment, to the “on-air” talent kept camera-ready by a pro makeup artist.

Backstage 2

For an event of this magnitude, there is a constant influx of material: speeches, panels, PowerPoint presentations, video features, interviews, etc., and our team was tasked with not only making sense of all this, but crafting it into a polished final product that would be available both via live stream to a global Internet audience of Nielsen’s customers and employees, and as an enhancement to the conference for on-site attendees.

Video Studio 3

Two interview studios were set up behind the scenes which allowed speakers and other notable guests to be taped while others were getting ready to be interviewed. This enabled us to produce a significant amount to interview footage, which then provided a flowing video experience for those not in attendance at the conference. The Stream Team also provided introductions for video features, and created a sense of continuity across all the presentations.

Having the “Stream Team” available additionally enriched the experience of those on-site, as there were over a dozen video screens set up in the foyer areas displaying interviews, features, and highlights from the various sessions. Camera crews were also shooting backstage vignettes and various candid shots that added to the personalization of the in-house video.

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