“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Like a fine orchestra or musical score, collaboration in today’s organization is made up of many individuals focused on doing their part to make the composition of the business plan or objectives come alive.

In the past the strong will of the conductor left very little room for a musician to speak up or suggest new, unique ways to improve or enhance the orchestra’s performance. Similar to today’s flat organization, the urgency and expectations of resolving professional challenges quickly and efficiently, has never been greater. It is only through an increase in collaborative efforts that a business will position itself for success.

Collaboration is participation through which people and organizations find themselves re-energized and work together to realize desired organizational and personal results. Starting and/or sustaining a collaborative journey is exciting, at times stressful, and new for many individuals, teams and organizations.

In a world of project-driven style management, many of your team members will be comprised of people from other departments, different divisions or outside suppliers ultimately forming the nucleus of your group. Developing new relationships through open communication and an honest environment will create a positive atmosphere where the most creative ideas surface.

At some point in the musical score of professional life, we play a part in the background music, take on the soloist role or are placed alongside a musical instrument louder than our own. Through cooperation and the understanding of individual strengths, employees should work to create their own best musical performance while noting the beauty and hard work of others. Taking on the responsibility to give their best performance regardless of position is critical to the overall team (and musical) performance.

Accomplishing your team’s goals, on time and on budget through innovative approaches and value added ideas will drive your organization to make collaboration an important part of your culture. It’s the sound choice!

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