Face to Face Communications and Enhancing Relationships

Today’s executives and managers must be professional communicators as well as astute decision makers. No executive sits alone. Each is tied to others in the organization and to the rest of the world by an amazingly fast communications network. Technology has increased the flow of information and the amount of data available has burgeoned. Executives and managers today have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and have it much faster.

While this vast inflow of information may improve their decision-making abilities, it also puts them in the hot seat. They must analyze and assess information quickly, then communicate it clearly to others, fielding it the way a major league shortstop handles ground balls. If they can’t handle the task, they become weak links in the communication chain. Hence the critical need to be professional communicators and understand the relevance, importance and strong need for face to face communications. With so many communication options to deliver messages, face to face communication remains essential and extremely relevant to building relationships, morale and business. We must not forget ~ bringing people together while communicating openly and honestly with them creates movement, emotional connections and sparks positive energy. Through strategic meetings and events, face-to-face communication remains essential because:

  1. Face to face feedback is important in building honesty, openness and ultimately a strong team of employees.
  2. Persuading and encouraging your audience during times of change is essential in order to build trust, credibility and maintain a positive image and environment.
  3. In-person recognition and reinforcement of positive behavior is essential in building and maintaining morale and loyalty.

In an ever-evolving world filled with new technology, chaos and uncertainty, face to face communication remains critical to building strong teams and committed employees. A company committed to sharing themselves openly in meetings, open forums and with memorable morale building events, is a company that will continue to flourish and enhance relationships with their audiences.

Esprit Productions is a full service meeting, events and communications company focused exclusively on engaging your audience, inspiring enthusiasm, providing clarity, building esprit de corp and creating memorable moments for your audience.

Ron Springer
President & Executive Producer
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