How to Inspire Enthusiasm, Direction & Belief

How to inspire…

When content is presented in a spirited and inspiring manner, it generates an emotional reaction within the listener. Emotions are critical in determining whether we pay attention, learn, process, and retain information. We remember experiences in which we had some emotional involvement; we forget those in which we had little or no emotional involvement. But generating a strong emotional response among your audience is not enough. The listener must also trust the source of the information being received.

Trust…the basis for enthusiasm, direction and belief

Your audience will not be enthusiastic, will not follow direction and will not believe in what you say unless you build a foundation of trust. Many leaders say they want to develop trust, but fail to go beyond just saying the words. The development of trust is made up of several components:

  1. Reliability – Doing what we say we will do.
  2. Acceptance – Unconditionally accepting others.
  3. Openness – Telling it like it is.
  4. Consistency – Being predictable.

Organizations and individuals that build trust with their audiences and stimulate a positive emotional response among their listeners are those that will Inspire and generate Enthusiasm, Direction and Belief!

Esprit Productions is a full service meeting, events and communications company focused exclusively on engaging your audience, inspiring enthusiasm, providing clarity, building esprit de corp and creating memorable moments for your audience.

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