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The ideal business meeting is an organizational jewel. It proceeds without wasted motion from opening to adjournment. It is well planned, has a defined purpose, adheres strictly to a prepared agenda and proceeds crisply, dispatching each item on the agenda. When it is over, everyone can leave knowing something has been accomplished.

Good meetings bring forth the best in people – the best ideas, the best decisions, and the best follow-up reactions. Not all meetings are good meetings, but good meetings can happen, and when they do, the organization and the individual participants reap the benefits.

There is a certain amount of magic when people come together for a meeting. The magic is in the interplay of ideas and personalities that takes place in the meeting room. When the interaction is completed, information has been exchanged, old concepts and ideas have been tested and blended, and new ones have emerged. One of the magical aspects of a meeting is that it can and should be so many things at once – a communication device, a cauldron of creativity in which new ideas are born, and an anvil on which solid plans are forged.

It can also be the greatest waste of time

A meeting is any kind of purposeful coming together of people to carry out the business of the organization. Such as communication, planning, setting policy, making decisions, or motivating the sales force. To be effective, these meetings need to be well planned and executed.

Dr. Peter Drucker, in his book The Effective Executive, says, “We meet because people holding different jobs have to cooperate to get a specific task done. We meet because the knowledge and experience needed in a specific situation are not available in one head, but have to be pieced together out of the knowledge and experience of many people.”

Esprit Productions is a full service meeting, events and communications company focused exclusively on engaging your audience, inspiring enthusiasm, providing clarity, building esprit de corp and creating memorable moments for your audience.

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