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One of Esprit’s “showcase” events for 20 years has been the Nielsen Consumer 360 Conference, attended by both their media (watch) and consumer package goods (buy) clients.  The theme of the conference was “Stand Out”, and we were challenged to make Nielsen’s presentations stand out as much as their measurement and information insights do for their clients.

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Our solution to this was to employ a wide spectrum of cutting-edge technologies, bringing these together to enhance the event in three primary areas: impact, content, and reach.

Making an Impact

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Nielsen had just completed a re-branding, and conveying their new “look & feel” was important, while seamlessly integrating featured speakers and their graphics and videos with such noted experts such as author Malcolm Gladwell, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, CBS’s CEO Leslie Moonves, and Nestlé’s Global Head of Digital Marketing and Social Media, Pete Blackshaw.  For maximum visual impact, we opted for a 164′ curved video projection wall, with multiple HD projectors expertly blended by our world class team to provide high definition graphics, videos and iMag of the speakers.

It took a village of 55 techs to make this happen. Take a look at this time lapse video of our set-up and opening session.


Creating Content

Insight Session

As significant as the general session portions of the conference were, they only represented one part of the whole.  Other key elements were the “Super Sessions” which broke out the different customer bases, the “watch” attendees and the “buy” attendees, to focus on their specific interests.  These sessions were structured with presentations and panel discussions to share new concepts and trends specific to each of the four topics offered.

Nielsen was also very interested in accessing the thoughts, ideas and concerns of its client base, and by utilizing a collaborative groupware software package from   we were able to provide an innovative way to capture and organize the audience’s ideas. As topics organically arose in each group’s discussions, a Nielsen representative with their laptop or iPad at each table inputted into the custom designed Facilitate template resulting in capturing 1,216 ideas, sorted by topic and sub topic.

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Additionally, over 24-hours of video content was recorded, from the general sessions, the Insight sessions and a series of on-site interviews produced by our team in two back-stage studios.

Expanding Your Reach

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To get the message out from the ballroom to a world-wide audience we put together a Stream team which included a producer, graphics, audio, tri-caster operator, production assistant and make-up artist. This team produced live full-featured streaming general session programming for Nielsen’s clients and employees around the world. They also were responsible for features and interviews, during the coffee breaks.  This enabled a far wider audience to be able to get the latest information, news, and trends to be able to receive this information live.

Following the conference, videos and the “brainstorming” research was made available to the attendees, allowing them to use more information from the conference and spreading Nielsen’s message to a much wider audience.


The conference was a huge success and the client realized a huge ROI on their meeting investment as the final production deliverables included:
6 hours of general session and walk-in
7 hours of global streaming the general session and interviews
8 hours of Super Sessions capturing 1,200+ ideas by Facilitate
14 hours of Insight Sessions in 5 rooms
40 hours of Ad-Hoc meetings between the 8 rooms
9 hours of foyer media displayed on 12 monitors and 2 projectors
24 hrs. of videos captured, edited and uploaded

We helped Nielsen make an impact, create content and expand their reach.

“You and the team did another great job, perhaps even raising the bar again if it’s possible. Thanks for your partnership and top notch performance.”

President, Nielsen North America

“The stage was a big wow, the online experience was run very well and we had some really happy attendees. Thanks for making my first 360 such a hit!”

Event Planner, Nielsen

“Flawless execution results from detailed planning and you accomplished both.  Your team, crew, everyone was just great. They worked hard and showed up ready to play and play they did. You took on a lot of new stuff; the speed networking, Super Sessions, Live stream, all executed beautifully. This has turned into a world class event. The look your team created on that huge screen was splendid. It all worked so well from start to finish. We strive for perfection and hit excellence. This year we hit perfection. Well done Ron. A great event. Thank you.”

Communications, Nielsen

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