Tips for Successful Leadership at Meetings

Key Meeting Success Factors

Senior managers success factors:

  1. Clear sense of organizational priorities
  2. Concrete action plans
  3. Improved interaction
  4. Important messages are remembered
  5. Greater productivity from learning
  6. Improved motivation and inspiration
  7. Greater commitment to the organization

Attendees success factors:

  1. Well prepared speakers
  2. Agenda covered as promised
  3. Equipment worked
  4. Stayed on schedule
  5. Sufficient materials
  6. Attendees from appropriate departments come
  7. Speakers held their attention

Rules of Good Meeting Leadership

  1. Know the audience
  2. Anticipate attitudes and positions of the audience
  3. Speak the language of the audience
  4. Appeal to the interest of the audience
  5. Know precisely what needs to be said (the result of good pre-meeting organization)
  6. Present materials simply and precisely
  7. Work to stimulate thought and discussion
  8. Consider the suggestions and opinions of everyone
  9. Set up an action plan and do follow-up or people will consider your meetings a waste of time

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