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Please take a look and see how our ideas shape our corporate meeting services and event production. The following articles and case studies are here to engage your audience, simplify the process and make your meetings, events and communication more effective.

Featured Article

Stand Out

One of Esprit’s “showcase” events for 20 years has been the Nielsen Consumer 360 Conference, attended by both their media (watch) and consumer package goods (buy) clients. The theme of the conference was “Stand Out”, and we were challenged to make Nielsen’s presentations stand out as much as their measurement and information insights do for their clients. Read more »

Audience Engagement

Take a look at how meeting design, meeting facilitation and effective marketing can create quite an experience for your audience.

Meeting Planning Tips

Please review how the power of face-to-face communications can impact meetings and events. Take a look at how effective meeting planning you can make a difference within your organization.

Event Design

Find out how leadership skills and collaboration can create successful meetings.

A New Approach to Meeting Design, Engaging Event Participants to Generate Bottom Line Results

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Learn new ways to achieve Maximum Meeting Impact with your free copy of this information–packed white paper entitled “Meeting Design for Customer Events“.

Presentation Technology & Tools

Look at the many different ways you can improve your presentations and engage your audience.

Corporate Event Success

Take a look at how our meeting design has engaged our audiences and created so many successful events.

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